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Published: 29th September 2009
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Genital wart is a sexually transmitted disease that creates unpleasant physical apperance on the skin by showing off some sores or blisters especially in the genital area. It can actually hinder one from enjoying sex. This is because of the fact that it is a contagious sexual disease but also it does not look that good. You will always remain under constant irritation both mentally and physically.Find more about Los Angeles STD testing clinics

Genital warts are caused by HPV virus. This is the same virus that also causes normal warts on your feet, hands and other limbs of the body. Though the group or family of the virus is common but there is a difference in its type. Cervical cancer which mainly happens to females is also caused by a virus of this family.

This spread of the disease is mainly through contact with the infected area. Now genital infection is transmitted while mating or conducting unprotected sex. The routes are either through vaginal sex or through the anal sex. The state of the virus sometimes remains silent or dormant. If the virus is silent, it may be difficult to detect even if one takes an STD test. However, the patient may come back if symptoms are still showing. Once the virus becomes active, the disease will then be detected.

The best to prevent being infected with genital warts is to avoid sexual intercourse completely. In other words, abstinence is one's best preventive action. You can also use external contraceptives like condoms if abstinence is not possible to be followed.

The best way to detect STD infections is through STD testing. Local STD testing is done by taking urine samples from the patient. The sample will be then tested in a laboratory. Results should come out in a few days or weeks. The important thing about STD testing is that it can detect infection right away for early treatment. This may prevent further health complications to the patients and stop the spread of the disease onto other people. STD testing actually aims to manage the spreading of the disease and its rise in its number of cases. This is to confirm if one is infected with STD or not. One may go to a hospital or local health center for a local STD testing. Or one may visit an STD testing clinic for testing, screening, counseling and treatment. Once a disease is detected, the patient may immediately have a treatment.

Since the warts may appear physically through the sores or blisters. One is advised to use some ointments to be applied on the sore. There are topical ointments or creams that can help remove the warts off the skin and avoid scarring. The patient may also opt to use laser technology to remove the warts off. However laser procedure is expensive. The patient may also be advised not to touch the warts because the warts themselves are infectious. Do not pick or squeeze the warts.

Genital warts are highly contagious. The infected person should avoid spreading the virus to the other parts of the body. He or she should also avoid other people from contracting the disease. One is advised to take prescribed treatment.

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